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The Story So far........

At Brennan Acting Agency Youth we are so proud to see our young clients work on productions both here in Ireland and internationally.

Brennan Acting Agency Youth was Established in 2009 and there have been countless success stories. We are thrilled to share some of them with you. For all the most up to date casting news check out our social media pages!

Molly on set with John Cena in the soon to be released feature film 'Freelance'

Molly and John Cena on Freelance.jpg
Stage to Screen to Red Carpet!

The Ellen Show - Aidan 's second special Guest Appearance

In Most Recent News!

AGENCY 2022 (71).jpg

Aidan on the set of the feature film, 'Horizon' with Kevin Costner'

AGENCY 2022 (93).jpg

Molly on set of the Feature Film, 'My Sailor, My Love' alongside James Cosmo. (2022)

AGENCY 2022 (85).jpg

Nathara will make her TV Debut this Spring in RTE's new Drama Series, 'Clean Sweep'

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Rachel - 'Small Things like These' - Rachel is currently filming in New Ross on the feature film in the role of 'Sheila'

Molly - 'Freelance' (feature film) Freelance is due for release in 2023. Molly was cast in the role of 'Casey', where she played the daughter of John Cena and Alice Eve. Filmed in Colombia, directed by Pierre Morel. Molly also wrapped on a feature film, 'My Sailor, My Love' and two drama series, 'Maxine (Channel 5) and the upcoming Drama Series, 'The Vanishing Triangle', in the role of Young Lisa (to be released in 2023). And a VERY exciting animated film that Molly has wrapped on! All to be revealed later this year!

Poppy - featured role in Aldi Commercial.

Aidan - Aidan is currently filming Kevin Costner's feature film, 'Horizon' in Utah.

He is also on our screens as David in the Appletv+ Series, 'Bad Sisters'.

Aaron - Aaron has just wrapped on the new Amazon Prime Series, 'Mr. & Mrs.' Smith, in the role of Graham, starring Donald Glover and Maya Erskine. Aaron also filmed a feature film pre Christmas, 'A Royal Corgi Christmas' in the role of Peter.

Huey, Erin and Oliver - A huge congratulations to three of our amazing young who were cast in featured roles in 'Viking's/Valhalla', now streaming on Netflix. 

Kiljan - Kiljan is very busy working on an animated series, in a leading role. Can't reveal the project just yet! Stay tunned!

Michelle - Michelle has a very exciting project set for release. In the role of Moya, Michelle shared the screen with Liam Nesson in the feature film, 'In The Land of Saints and Sinners'.

Caleb - Caleb had the most amazing experience playing Rhys, in the drama series, 'The House Across the Street' (Channel 5). With a stellar cast, Caleb was thrilled to play a leading role in this production.

Elizabeth - Our 8 year old actress has not only recently wrapped on one big prodcution but two! Elizabeth will make her big screen debut in the role of Lucy in a feature film (can't reveal the details just yet) and she has also wrapped on a drama series, Sanctuary' in the role of 'Young Harper'.

Nathara - Nathara will also make her screen debut this year in Rte's upcoming drama series, Clean Sweep'

Oscar, Aidan & Daniel - A HUGE congratulations to our brilliant teen actors who were cast in a Vodafone commercial. 

Gomolemo - Gomolemo had a very busy 2022, filming a new series, 'Spellbound' in Belgium and Paris. Gomolemo was cast in the role of 'Lucy'.

Emily - Emily will be back on our screen in the role of Emma in the BBC series, 'Silverpoint'

Mark - Mark will also be back in the role of 'Anthony' in season 2 of 'Kin'.

AGENCY 2022 (3).jpg

Vodafone Commercial 2021

'The Holiday'

4 Part Drama (Channel 5 & VMTV & Netflix)

Aidan ('Daniel'), Molly ('Odette'), Shaun ('Jake')

Bad Sisters

Aidan in the role of 'David' in Appletv+ Series 'Bad Sisters' (Season 1) now streaming.

Aidan with Eve Hewson on set of Bad Sisters.JPG

Eve Hewson & Aidan (Bad Sisters)

Calm with Horses

Kiljan & Michael Fassbender (Calm with Horses)


Will (Vodafone 'Red Family' Commercial & Print)

Waiting for Godot.jpg
angelas christmas wish.jpg
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